WU, Yusheng

WU, Yusheng

Assistant Engineer
Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Atmospheric Monitoring Technology
Tel/fax: 86-10-62759125
E-mail: yusheng@pku.edu.cn


M.S., Environmental Science, Peking University, 2009
B.A., Environmental Engineering, Fuzhou University, 2004


2013–present, Assistant Engineer, Peking University
2010-2013, Assistant Researcher, Peking University
2009-2010, Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. of China
2004–2006, Engineer, Hengchang Dyeing Inc. of Zhejiang Province


Atmospheric monitoring technology


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1. Zeng L.M., Wu Y.S. An Atmospheric Aerosol Capture Method and Device, 200810116131.0 (in Chinese).


Mr. Wu’s research focuses on atmospheric environment monitoring and maintaining various instruments in the college. His primary responsibility is maintenance, service and development of instruments. He is in charge of routine operation and maintenance the long-term atmospheric observation supersite located on campus of Peking University, and he has participated in many major field campaigns as one of the chief supporting techinians to ensure proper function of field sampling.important technicist.