SONG, Yuqin

SONG, Yuqin

Department: Environmental Management
Research interests: Urban ecology; Environmental archaeology; Land desertification; Sustainable development
Tel/fax: 86-10-62753164


Ph.D., Department of Archaeology, Peking University, 1993
M.S., Department of Archaeology, Peking University, 1986
B.S., Department of History, Zhengzhou University, 1982


2003–present, Professor & doctorial Supervisor, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University 
1996–2003, Associate Professor, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University
1995–1996, Post Doctor, Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University


Graduate course: Man-Earth Relationship: Theory and Practices (1999-2010)
Undergraduate course: Introduction to Civilization and Environment (1999-2010)


Urban ecology, Environmental changes, Theory and practices of sustainable development


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1. Song Y.Q. Man-Earth Relationship of the Origins of Chinese Civilization, 2002, Science Press: Beijing. 232.
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1. Yuqin Song, First-prize Award of Sichuan Province Excellent Books, Ecological Response of the Large-scale Development in West China, 2003.
2. Yuqin Song, Lixiao Zhang, First-prize Award of Desert Branch affiliated to Geographical society of China, Analysis on the Causes of the Eastward of China’s Sandstorm in Historical Period, 2002.
3. Yuqin Song, Xiaolei Zhang, Qunchao Wang, First-prize Excellent Paper Award of the 60th Anniversary of Harnessing Huaihe River, Analysis on the Role of Environmental Tax in Managing Water Pollution Issues in Huaihe River, 2010.
4. Deci Zou, Ganzhi Zhou, Kai Wang, Ming Chen, Hao Li, Xun Li, Yunqin Song, Hui Ouyang, Lingbin Kong, Jianming Zhou, Lili Cai, Dongxiao Jin, Ze Xu, Mansha Chen, Keni Ma, First-prize Award of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology, Research on the Planning and Construction Issues in Megalopolis of China, 2012.
5. Vice President of Social Strategy Professional Committee, Chinese Association for Development Strategy (2012-)
6. Deputy Director of Environmental Archaeology Professional Committee, Chinese Association for Quaternary Research (1999-)


Professor Song’s research focuses on urban ecology, land desertification and sustainable development, and he is broadly interested in historical culture and environmental changes. In his research, much attention has been paid to combining ancient and modern experiences and social and natural sciences. He published the first report in China about environmental field archaeology extraction and won the highest award for Chinese archaeology. He has proposed that the human-human relationship and the human-nature relationship were two principal lines of human civilization development. In recent years he focuses on ecological civilization theory and presided over relevant planning projects. He has been the team leader of “Urban Ecology Project” in “the Research on Planning and Construction of the Chinese Metropolitan Interlocking Regions”, which was one of the key consulting projects of Chinese key consulting projects. In the report of this project, many ecological crises that the metropolitan interlocking regions like Yangtze River Delta were facing had been identified. The authors also used many ecological methods to assess the present ecological condition of Chinese cities. Finally, the ecological problems of these cities were analyzed in the areas of cognition, management, institution and technology.