Department of Environmental Science

Author: | published date:2018-03-30

The predecessor of Department of Environmental Science of Peking University dates back to the year 1972 and it was one of the first institutes for environmental science teaching and research in China. During the past 40 years, Department of Environmental Science of Peking University has formed its distinguished feature, and has become the center for the education of talented minds and high-level scientific researches in environmental protection. For forty years, the Department of Environmental Science was the proud home of many talented minds in environmental protection science research and many of our graduates in engaged in international environmental science research or took leadership roles for our country. The research achievements have provided policy decision support for solving major national and regional environmental problems and implementing strategies of sustainable development. Department of Environmental Science and Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control National Key Joint Laboratory (Peking) has won more than 10 national and provincial awards, including a National Science and Technology Progress Award and three second prizes. In recent years, Department of Environmental Science has produced a number of publications, with four of them in three international leading professional journal and four of them in Science, a positive impact in the international field of environmental. Research team of Regional and Global Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Effect was also awarded the Innovation Group by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

 In terms of future development, the Department of Environmental Science will aim at the needs of environment and development of China and conduct cutting-edge research on the development of environmental chemistry, environmental pollution control theory and technology, environmental health, climate change and other global environmental research field to provide high-level training for environmental professionals. By the model of integrated and multi-faceted open joint "political science research and production", by continuous innovation and good governance, we aspire to make the Department of Environmental Science a world-class Environmental Sciences Research and Education center, the think tank for sustainable development and environmental policy-making, and the home base of the application of environmental science and technology. Department of Environmental Sciences genuinely welcomes outstanding students and excellent teachers to research and study here. Let us work together to make a contribution to building a beautiful China and a harmonious world.


Photo of Environmental Chemistry Graduates and Teachers in 1978

2006 Pearl River Delta Atmospheric Field observation Team