Department of Environmental Management

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About us

 Department of Environmental Management at Peking University was founded by the first generation of environmental scientists in China. It has a history of nearly 40 years. Predecessor of the Department of Environmental Management, Environmental Science Center at Department of Environmental Planning and Management, was the first to implement environmental planning, management and sustainable development research in China, and was also the very first educational institute to recruit Master of Art (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students in the field of environmental planning and management. Department of Environmental Management now has a teaching and research team with cross-arts, multi-disciplinary academic backgrounds, including eight professors (PhD), one researcher from Hundred Talent Project and four associate professors.

 Subject Positioning and Development Goals

 Our discipline has been created with the aim of studying the relationship between environmental problems and human social economic operation, unearthing the deep-seated reasons of environmental problems, providing theoretical and empirical support for coordinating the relationship between people and the environment and providing the basis and decision support for the solutions to environmental problems. Based on this goal, we have established and improved the multi-disciplinary systems including environmental and natural resource management, sustainable development and environmental development of social systems, environmental and resource economics, environmental policy and law, environmental planning and evaluation of learning environmental human literature . Future building objectives include: to establish scientific research system and research groups from basic theoretical research, conduct innovative approaches to support decision making with international influence; and to become the supporting base of social, environmental and economic think tanks in integrated and scientific decision-making.

 Field of Study, Orientation and Characteristics

 In the face of related issues of and regional development, especially the environmental issues that will inevitably emerge during the specific transition period of social and economic development in China, our current key research areas include environmental management and policy related topics on: socio-economic and institutional change response and macro-development; economy during transition period; regional ecology and natural resources; rural environmental issues and management; theories, methods and applications of urban and regional environmental planning; global environmental issues; the process of globalization and regional policies and measures of response; and policy support for the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements in China. We will continue to uphold the interdisciplinary integration of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities as our characteristics, continue the in-depth study of coordination between social - economic - environmental systems and at the same time focus on the major environment and development issues of China and convert the results of basic research into scientific basis that affects all levels of government decision-making and management practices.

 Research results and impact

 To meet the needs of operating rules of social - economic - environmental system and the reality of environmental management in China, we provide a strong scientific support for the environment and development decision-making through a series of influential research and theoretical research results including Meizhou Bay Economic Development Zone, environmental planning new comprehensive study and Ozone Layer Protection series of studies.. In particular research on the following aspects had a distinctive and important impact both domestically and internationally: (a) Coordination of environmental and economic systems planning theories and methods; (2) Environmental capacity theory and its application; (3) Environment social systems development theory; (4) Global environmental resources management and global environmental cooperation theory and mechanism; (5) Theory and property of environmental value and natural resources management theory and methods; (6) Environmental management system changes.

 Our Pride - Students Training

 Currently we have 34 PhDs and 36 master students. Among the past students who have graduated, many of them have made remarkable achievements in environment and related fields and became scholars at world-renowned universities and research institutions, governmental agencies, international organizations and the industry. They will always be the pride of Peking University Department of Environmental Management!

 Future direction

 In the study, we face to the actual needs of social development, seize the key issues and do the right things; in research methods, we will combine our field of study with the social sciences and humanities closely; in concept of the study, we grasp the "interface" of the natural environmental systems and economic and social system in seeking innovation of research.

Master of Art Thesis Defense, Department of Environmental Management, June 2006

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