LIN, Guanming

LIN, Guanming

Senior Engineer
Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Environmental wind tunnel; Atmospheric pollution modeling; Environmental ethics
Tel/fax: 86-10-62751939


Ph.D., Environmental Science, Peking University, 2007
M.S., Environmental Science, Peking University, 1996
B.S., Mechanics, Peking University, 1991


2001–present, Senior Engineer, Peking University
1999–2000, Visiting Scholar, Melbourne University


Undergraduate course: Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Graduate course: Environmental Wind Tunnel Experiment



Environmental Wind Tunnel Simulation (Atmospheric Diffusion, Dust Emission and Deposition, Wind Environmental Study and Wind Engineering); Environmental Ethic


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His research focuses on simulation of atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric pollution dispersion in wind tunnel, and is also interested in environmental ethics eduction. He leads the wind tunnel laboratory group, dedicated to the atmospheric dispersion simulation and wind loading of structures. Doing the atmospheric pollution dispersion simulation for many years, he found it was difficult to decrease or prevent the pollution, not because of the scientific technology or skills but of the human beings’ inner thoughts, so he introduced the environmental ethics to China, and began to think the environmental issues in ethics.