ZENG, Limin

ZENG, Limin

Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Environmental Monitoring and Technology
Tel/fax: 86-10-62756333
E-mail: lmzeng@pku.edu.cn


M.S., Peking Univeristy, 2000
B.S., Peking University, 1988


Jul., 1988-present, Engineer, Senior Engineer, Professor, Peking University


Atmospheric chemistry; Technology of environmental monitoring; Development of monitoring technology


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1. The National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2010.
2. Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology Prize, 2010.
3. Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, 2009.



Prof. Zeng’s main research areas are atmospheric chemistry and monitoring technology. He has completed the 973/863 projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, public projects of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Provincial ministries key issues, international cooperation projects and other items. Under the urgent need for technical requirements to speciate air pollutants in China, he has made important achievements with independent intellectual property rights in developing new sampling equipment, online and automatic monitoring technology for key pollutants and technology integration. He has promoted domestic air pollution research from the traditional off-line measurement to the online monitoring, pollutant monitoring from the traditional contaminants to the new contaminants (VOCs, Hg, HONO, TOC, WSOC, EC/OC), expanded from single species analysis to the analysis and integration of multi-component as well as synchronization analysis of both gas and particle phase. He has successfully developed for the first time in the international area, "the use of electric refrigeration cryogenic (-155 degrees) ATC capture technology" on-line monitoring of VOCs technique, pioneered soluble aerosol chemical composition of the gas-line analysis technology, and the online atmospheric mercury analyzer. He has won more than 20 national patents, published more than 100 journal papers (include 50 SCI papers).