XIE, Shuguang

XIE, Shuguang

Associate Professor
Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Environmental biotechnology and microbiology
Tel/fax: 86-10-6275-1923
E-mail: xiesg@pku.edu.cn


Ph.D., Environmental Engineering Tsinghua University, 2003
M.S., Environmental Engineering University of Xi’an Technology, 2000 
B.S., Environmental Engineering University of Xi’an Technology, 1997


2006–present, Associate professor, Peking University
2007–2008, Visiting scholar, Michigan State University
2003–2005, Postdoctoral research fellow, Peking University


Graduate course: Drinking Water Treatment Science and Technology 
Undergraduate course: Fundamentals of Aquatic Environments; Experiment of Environmental Chemistry; Environmental Monitoring



Water supply and safety, Bioremediation of contaminated soil and aquifer, Microbiology in engineered and natural systems 



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(15)Shuguang XieWeimin Sun, Chunlin Luo, Alison M. Cupples. Novel aerobic benzene degrading microorganisms identified in three soils by stable isotope probing. Biodegradation. 2011, 22(1):71–81




Dr. Xie’s group is devoted to applying molecular biology tools to identify and quantify the microorganisms responsible for degradation of xenobiotic pollutants,  and to developing high-efficiency bioremediation approaches for contaminated soil or aquifer. His research team has also paid attention to the dynamics and functions of microbial communities in drinking water biofilter.