Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Atmospheric environment and climate effects
Tel/fax: 86-10-62755343


Ph.D., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology, 1998
M.S., Center for Environmental Sciences, Peking Univeresity, 1995
B.S., Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University, 1992


2009–present, Professor, Peking University
2002–2008, Associate Professor, Peking University
1999–2001, Assistant Professor, Peking University


Graduate course: Atmospheric environmental modeling



Agricultural Emissions in China, Climate Effects


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His research focuses on air pollution and aerosol radiative forcing in China with modeling. His team developed an emission inventory for biomass burning (both forest fire and crop residual fire) in China based on remote sensing. The new dataset with 1 km and daily resolution well reflects the burning activities in the study area. His team also developed an ammonia emission inventory in China with 1 km resolution. Now, his team is trying to answer the question “how much is the contribution from agricultural emissions to air pollution and aerosol radiative forcing in China”.