Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Atmospheric chemistry Environmental monitoring
Tel/fax: 86-10-62757973


Ph.D., Center for Environmental Science, Peking University, 1994
M.S., Department of Technical Physics, Peking University, 1991
B.S., Department of Technical Physics, Peking University, 1988


2002–Present, Professor, Centre for Environmental Sciences/ College of Environmental Sciences/ College of Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Peking University
1994–2002, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor, Centre for Environmental Sciences, Peking University


Graduate course: Atmospheric chemistry
Undergraduate course: Human survival and development and environmental protection; Environmental sciences



Monitoring, sources and environmental effects of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere


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2. Xiaoyan Tang, Yuanhang Zhang, Min Shao, Atmospheric Chemistry, Higher Education Press, Beijing


1. Winner of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, Atmospheric chemistry, 2011.
2. Yuanhang Zhang, Min Hu, Liuju Zhong, Min Shao, Limin Zeng, Wei Wang, Yunrong Xiang, Shaojia Fan, Xuesong Wang, and Yongzhuo Peng, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award, Research Methodologies for regional air pollution complex and the application in Pearl River Delta, 2010
3. Tong Zhu, Xiangde Xu, Fahe Chai, Min Shao, Xiaoyan Tang, Xiuji Zhou, Bingqing Hu, Shiqiu Zhang, Min Hu, Guoan Ding, Lingeng Bian, Shulan Wang, Liming Zeng, Xuesong Wang, Yizhen Chen, Science and Technology of Environmental Protection Award, 1st Price, Atmospheric Pollution Formation Mechanism in Beijing and Surrounding Regions, Regional Joint Control, and Air Quality Assurance for Beijing Olympics, 2010.
4. Wei Wang, Min Shao, Jianhua Chen, Yuanhang Zhang, Jun Xu, Lihong Ren, Renjian Zhang, Jianzhong Ma, Ruibin Wang, Hongjie Liu, Yi He, Chunmei Geng, Science and Technology of Environmental Protection Award, 1st Price, Asian Brown Cloud and Chinese response to the combined effects of strategic research, 2008
5. Co-chair, Environmental Effect Assessment Panel of Ozone depletion (EEAP), UNEP, starting from 2012
6. Editorial member, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2005-now



His research focuses on the measurements and sources of Volotile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and their roles in atmospheric chemistry. As the chair of the Committee on VOCs control under Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, he coordinated policy-relevant studies on VOCs, and organized field measurements on VOCs in 47 main cities in China. His team developed VOCs source profiles based on source measurement. He found that chemical processes affect largely the model results and this could also be true for particles due to the reactions in the particle phase and the partition between gas and particle. From this perspective, the reactivity of VOCs is essentially important, and he is now working on the measurements of total reactivity of VOCs and trying to understand quantitatively the sources and sinks of reactive VOC species in the air. And from the perspective of VOC chemistry, he is trying to understand the change of atmospheric oxidation capacity in mega cities in China, and its influence on air quality and climate.