Associate Professor
Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Atmospheric chemistry; Environment and health; Environmental photocatalysis
Tel/fax: 86-10-62756105


Ph.D., Environmental Science, Jilin University, 2001
M.S., Environmental Science, Jilin University, 1998
B.S., Environmental Science, Jilin University, 1995


2004–present, Associate Professor, Peking University
Feb., 2004–Aug., 2004, Assistant Professor, Peking University
2001–2003, Postdoc Research Fellow, Tsinghua University



Undergraduate course: Selected readings in environmental sciences and engineering literatures

Graduate course: Environmental Toxicology




Heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry; Environmental and healthy effect of particles; Photocatalytic removal of environmental pollutants




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1. Jing Shang, The planar photocatalytic device and its preparation, Awarded Number ZL 200610112508.6

2. Jing Shang, Yuchao Zhang, An equipment of photoelectrocatalysis, Awarded Number ZL200910236862.3.

3. Jing Shang, Qing Wang, An  equipment of photoelectrocatalysis and its application in heavy metal ion reduction, Awarded Numbe ZL 201010256763.4



1. Member of the Editorial Board of Advances in Analytical Chemistry, 2012
2. Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Environment and Resource, 2012
3. Member of the Editorial Board of Modern Research in Catalysis, 2013



Her research interests are in atmospheric chemistry, environment and health, and environmental photocatalysis. In the field of atmospheric chemistry, her ongoing study focuses on the heterogeneous uptake and secondary transformation of typical volatile orgainic contaminants such as formaldehyde on the surface of model particles and real atmospheric particles. The research results are expected to elaborate the heterogeneous reaction mechanism and kinetics process of formaldehyde at molecular level. In the field of environment and health, she investigates the physical and chemical properties and toxicity of ozonized black carbon particles. The enhanced oxidative potential of the particles can result in stronger oxidation uptake of reductive gases. In the field of environmental photocatalysis, a planar device was invented for photoelectrocatalytic removal of gaseous and liquid-phase pollutants; the diode-rectified alternative current was applied as the driving mode for photoelectrocatalysis; photoelectrocatalytic reduction of heavy metal ions was conducted by using TiO2 nanotubes as photoanode.