QIU, Xinghua

QIU, Xinghua

Assistant Professor
Department: Environmental Science
Research interests: Environment and health
Tel/fax: 86-10-62753184
E-mail: xhqiu@pku.edu.cn


Ph.D., Environmental Science, Peking University, 2006
B.S., Applied Chemistry, Peking University, 2000


2008–present, Assistant Professor, Peking University
2006–2008, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Indiana University


Graduate course: Exposure science
Undergraduate course: Principles and applications of instrumental analysis in environment and health (with YAO, Maosheng)



Human’s Exposure to Organic Pollutants and the Subsequent Health Effects


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1. Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014
2. Excellence in Review Awards, Environmental Science & Technology, 2008
3. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Peking University, 2008




His study interest focuses mainly on human exposure to organic pollutants and the health effects. Supported by the start-up fund of One Hundred Talents project of Peking University, he has built up my laboratory for exposure analysis, and developed state-of-art methods for the analysis of organic pollutants in both environmental and human biological samples. Based on this technique, he has studied persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere to explore their sources and behaviors. On the other hand, linkage between pollutant exposure and health effects has been investigated mainly through the analysis of organic pollutants (and metabolites) in the internal environment of human body, with special attention paid on the environment-gene interaction to reveal the mechanism of health effects. This study could not only provide basic knowledge for the controlling policy and regulation for the government, but also be helpful in revealing the mechanism of pollutants’ health effects from the viewpoint of environment-gene interaction.