Department of Environmental Management

XU, Jianhua

XU, Jianhua

Associate Professor
Department: Environmental Management
Research interests: Environmental and energy policy; Risk governance
Tel/fax: 86-10-62752436


Ph.D., Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, 2007
M.S., Environmental Science, Peking University, 2003
B.S., Chemical Engineering and English, Dalian University of Technology, 2000


2013–present, Assistant director, International Risk Governance Council-China 
2010–present, Associate professor, Peking University
2009–2010, Assistant professor, Peking University
2008–2009, Research scientist (II), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Graduate course: Risk Analysis and Management



Environmental and energy policy; Risk governance


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1. Student Travel Award, Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting (2004, 2005);
2. Liang Ji-Dian Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University (2005);
3. Excellent Undergraduate Advisor Award, Peking University (2010.09-2011.09);
4. Peking University Young Investigator (2010.09—2013.08)



Dr. Xu’s research interests are environmental and energy policy and risk governance. In the domain of environmental policy, she has investigated how to improve decision quality under information constraints with the help of social network analysis and Bayesian network analysis. In energy policy area, she found that due to the congestion of electricity transmission, the introduction of renewable energy like wind energy may increase national CO2 emissions instead of reducing it, to the contrary of our intuition. In risk governance, she explored how to integrate public’s risk perception into regulatory risk management process and also studied why the public chose not to participate in environmental impact assessment. The ongoing projects include how the interest groups may affect the implementation of environmental policies and how to rank risks to optimize public resource allocation.