14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

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14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
Rhodes, Greece, 3-5 September 2015
Organized by:
Global Network of Environmental Science and Technology (GNEST)
Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean
Department of Environment, University of the Aegean
General information
The International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology is one of the worldwide leading environmental conferences. The conference is supported by the multi-disciplinary Global NEST (Network on Environmental Science and Technology); an international scientific movement that has been successfully developing for the last 26 years with members from more than 60 countries. Global NEST is an international scientific movement focusing on innovative environmental issues.
The success of this conference reflects the critical environmental topics that are discussed as well as the quality of the presented papers. All the papers that are selected undergo a review process. As an outcome of the improving quality of the papers in previous conferences, they have been included in databases, such as Science Citation Index (ISI) and SRCosmos.
The Conference will take place in Rhodes Island, Greece, from 3 to 5 September 2015. The conference venue is the Rodos Palace Hotel.
Conference main topics
The following list is a selection of topics for which the Scientific and Programme Committee is particularly seeking contributions. However, contributions for any topic in the field of Environmental Science and Technology will be considered.
o Water and wastewater management                         o Advanced oxidation processes
o Solid waste management                                           o Odour management
o Hydrology and water resources management          o Emerging pollutants
o Air pollution                                                                   o Climate change

o Clean energy and sustainability                                 o Environmental planning, management

                                                                                           and policies for cities and regions

o Ecology and ecosystems management                    o Public health and the environment
o Environmental data analysis and modelling            o Soil contamination and remediation
o Dams and environment                                              o Water and energy footprint
o Corporate responsibility                                             o Biomonitoring
o Marine environment and coastal management        o Island Challenges (Workshop IWIC '15)
o Sustainable Tourism and the environment
Conference Language
The official conference language is English.
Registration - Abstract Submission
Delegates can register and submit their abstracts on original work at CEST2015 online at the conference website cest.gnest.org/

The aim of organizing workshops is to facilitate discussion on specific topics. They differ from normal Conference sessions in that they will encourage discussion between presenters and delegates. The Scientific and Programme Committee seeks proposals for suitable subject areas. Proposals should be submitted by 1st March 2015 and should include a summary of the workshop outlining, its objective and scope, the participants (speakers and the expected audience) and any expected outcomes.

Young Researchers
Young researchers are particularly encouraged to present their research work. Notwithstanding submission of papers on specific aspects of their research, young researchers are urged to take the additional opportunity of submitting an outline of their recently completed or at a mature stage PhD work. The purpose of these presentations is not to subject the research work to scrutiny or critical evaluation by specialists, but to inform, through an appropriate formulation of the presentation, the wider scientific and professional community on recent advances in various fields of Environmental Science and Technology.
The overall presentation should focus on scope and objectives, main results and novel findings, main conclusions and suggestions for further research. Depending on the responses, special sessions may be allocated for these presentations.

Key dates
Deadline for the submission of full paper: 31st March, 2015
Conference Secretariat
14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2015) Voulgaroktonou Str. 30, GR 11472, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: 30 210- 6492451 -2, Fax: 30 210- 6492499, E-mail: cest@gnest.org, http://cest.gnest.org/

To download the conference please click here:  14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology