Video-Meeting of IJRC 2021 Work Plan Convened

Author: | published date:2021-01-15

Convened by Andreas Wahner, Director of Institute of Energy and Climate Research:IEK-8 Troposphere, Julich , 9 researchers from Julich Research Center and 9 from IJRCCESE),including Prof. ZHANG Yuanhang, Prof. HU Min attended online Zoom meeting on Jan.11, 2021. AT the meeting, both sides discussed work plan for 2021, including possible collaborative research project, Academic Board meeting organization, personnel exchange and summer school project, etc.


Screenshot of participants online


Firstly, researchers from IJRC(CESE) and Julich introduced current research work respectively, based on which to form research group to carry out possible collaborative research project.

Prof.ZHANG Yuanhang suggested discussing and laying down 5-year plan of IJRC, so as to decide collaborative research scope specifically in a certain period of time, and to promote and deepen collaborative research.

Prof.HU Min spoke highly of 2020 online summer school project, and pointed out under the COVID-19 condition, it was still a good choice to organize the Academic Board meeting and summer school project online this year.