Urban Air Pollution: A New Look at an Old Problem

Author: admin| published date:2013-10-29

Large urban agglomerations inevitably lead to air pollution. But despite the significant impacts on human health and climate, we lack systematic measurements of air pollution in many cities. Megan L Melamed, Tong Zhu and Liisa Jalkanen discuss a new global assessment that illuminates the knowns and unknowns.

Global Change Magazine 80

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Zhu T et al. (2012) WMO/IGAC Impacts of Megacities on Air Pollution and Climate. GAW Report 205. (Lead authors: Tong Zhu, Megan L. Melamed, David Parrish, Michael Gauss, Laura Gallardo Klenner, Mark Lawrence, Abdourahamane Konare and Cathy Liousse), ISBN: 978-0-9882867-0-2, 309 pp.