Prof. Maosheng Yao won 2013 Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award

Author: admin| published date:2013-12-05

Prof. Maosheng Yao from College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University recently won the prestigious aerosol award (2013 Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award ) for young aerosol scientists working in Asian countries. The award was announced and bestowed by Asian Aerosol Research Assembly (AARA) at the 8th Asian Aerosol Conference held during Dec 2-5,2013 in Sydney, Australia.

The AYASA award was established by AARA in 2003, and is intended to recognize outstanding contributions to aerosol science and technology by a young aerosol scientist working in Asian countries. 

Prof. Yao's research work is mainly focused on bioaerosol, and most recently he was also awarded the 2013 Marian Smoluchowski Award at European Aerosol Conference, one of the highest international academic honors for young aerosol scientist. His work is mainly supported by NSFC grants, MOST and State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control.