Seminars of Environmental Management: Prof. Ho-Ching Lee "Global Environmental Governance"

Author: | published date:2014-07-02

Title:Global Environmental Governance
SpeakerProf. Ho-Ching Lee 
Graduate Institute of Construction Engineering and Management, National Central University
Time:10:30-11:30 a.m., Jul 11, 2014
LocationRoom 301, Old Geoscience Building
This lecture combines environmental science and political science, with focuses on the environmental aspects of international relations. The objectives of this lecture are the following: to discuss the causes, impacts and policy responses to international environmental issues; to examine players, events, and policy processes in international environmental politics, and, in the end, to understand the worldviews of environment and approaches to establish global environmental governance.


Ho-Ching Lee is a professor of international relations and director of the STS (Science Technology and Society) program at National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan. Prior to her appointment in 2009, she was at Chung-Yuan Christian University. 

With Outstanding teaching/research awards in 2004, 2009 and 2011, as well as the outstanding service award in 2013, Lee teaches courses on global environmental governance, humans and the environment, environmental diplomacy and Sustainable Taiwan.

Her work focuses on the environmental dimensions of international relations and law. She is now involved in the IHDP-endorsed research project - COMPON (Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks) as case investigator for Taiwan.

She also takes part in Taiwan's Climate Change Adaptation Technology (TaiCCAT) research program as one of the few social scientists with more integrated perspectives on institutional dimensions and sustainable development.

Additionally, since 2007 she has been attending COPs (Conference of the Parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) to follow up on climate change negotiations.