FOR AIR: Dr. Aaron Cohen"The Global Burden of Disease attributable to Outdoor Air Pollution: current estimates and future directions"

Author: | published date:2014-06-17

Speaker:Dr. Aaron CohenPrincipal ScientistHEI

Time:June 19,2014,16:00--17:00

Location:Room 301, Old Geoscience Building


The Global Burden of Disease Project ( recently estimated that exposure to ambient PM2.5 contributed to 3.2 million deaths and 74 million lost years of healthy life (DALYs) worldwide in 2010 (Lim SS et al. The Lancet 2012). GBD 2010 estimated especially large burdens in China and the developing countries of Asia where air pollution levels are the highest in the world. Among the risk factors studied in the GBD, outdoor air pollution ranked 4th both in mortality and in the overall burden on health in China where it contributed to 1.2 million deaths and 25 DALYs in 2010 (Yang G et al. The Lancet 2013). Updated estimates for 2013 (GBD 2013) will soon be released, which use and expand upon the methods, datasets, and tools used in GBD 2010. Dr. Cohen will discuss the methods used to estimate the burden of disease attributable to outdoor air pollution in GBD 2010 and GBD 2013, and research needs for future global and Chinese estimates.