André E. Nel, M.B., Ch.B/ M.D.“Lessons from Ultrafine Particle Pollution for Air Pollution and Engineered Nanoparticle Research”

Author: | published date:2014-10-21

Speaker: André E. Nel, M.B., Ch.B/ M.D.
                 Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA 
                 Chief, Division of NanoMedicine
Time: 10:30--11:30 a.m Oct 23, 2014

Location: Room 301, Old Geoscience Building
About the speaker:  André Nel is a Distinguished Professor of UCLA. He obtained his medical (M.B.,Ch.B) and Internal Medicine degrees (MMed) magna cum laude at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa, afterward received a Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) at Stellenbosch in 1986. After postgraduate training in the US in immunology research, he was recruited to UCLA. Prof. Nel is Director of the UC Center for the Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology (CEIN), Director of the UCLA Asthma and Immunology Disease Center, Co-Director of the Southern California Particle Center, and Co-Director of the UCLA Nanomachine Center.
    Prof. Nel's chief research interests are: (i) Nanomedicine and nanobiology, including nanomaterial therapeutic devices and the study of nanomaterial properties that lead to biocompatible and biohazardous interactions in humans and the environment; (ii) The role of air pollutants in asthma, with particular emphasis on the role of ultrafine particle-induced oxidative stress in the generation of airway inflammation and asthma. The research is funded by personal RO1 grants from the NIH, the NIAID-funded Asthma and Immunology Disease Clinical Research Center, an EPA STAR award, a $24 million NSF award for a NSF Science Engineering Center.