Neng-Huei (George) Lin"7 South East Asian Studies (7-SEAS) –Overview of 2010-2014 spring campaigns in northern Southeast Asia"

Author: | published date:2014-11-06

Time: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Nov 13st     

Place: Room 301, Old Geosciences Building
Lectures by Neng-Huei (George) Lin
                     Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, North Carolina State University
Dr. Lin is a Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Department of Chemistry at the National Central University of Taiwan, serves as the Department Chairperson in 2002-2005, and the Dean for Office of Student Affairs in 2006-2009 at NCU. 
Dr. Lin’s research interests include atmospheric baseline measurements, aerosol-cloud-radiation interaction, cloud chemistry and physics, precipitation chemistry, long-range transport processes of acid pollutants, Asian dust and biomass burning. Dr. Lin is the Editor-in-Chief of Aerosol and Air Quality Research, and serves as the Editorial Board of Atmospheric Environment and Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment. 
Initiated in 2007, the Seven South East Asian Studies (7-SEAS) is a grass-root program and seeks to perform interdisciplinary research in the field of aerosol-meteorology and climate interaction in the Southeast Asian region, particularly for the impact of biomass burning on cloud, atmospheric radiation, hydrological cycle, and regional climate. Field campaigns have been conducted in boreal springtime Southeast Asian region, provide a relatively complete dataset of aerosol chemistry and physical observations conducted in the source/sink region for below marine boundary layer and lower free troposphere of biomass- burning/air pollutants in the northern SE Asia.