International Exchange programs
Peking University-Waseda University (Japan) Joint Training Project for Sustainable Development
published date:2013-11-30

    Peking University and Waseda University started the joint training graduate programs in 2008. The project is aimed to train students in applying natural sciences, economics, management science, and other related discipline to make a comprehensive analysis of a variety of environmental problems and to learn environmental policy and sustainable development system design through case studies. Each summer in 2010-2012, the graduate students from PKU and Waseda University took part in the field trip in China and Japan. The Three-Year Wrap-Up Conference of this project was held at Waseda University, Japan in January 2012. Since 2012, the two universities officially launched dual master joint training program. Two graduate students from PKU studied in Waseda University for their master’s degree. Graduate students who participate in the program will be awarded master’s degree from both universities if they meet requirements of both universities.