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About the College

The environmental program at Peking University (PKU), initiated in 1972, is one of the earliest programs dedicated to environmental education and research in China. In 2007, the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE) of Peking University was founded. Building on the profound tradition of basic discipline teaching and research at Peking University, CESE has long practiced the development strategy of combining arts and science, science and technology, and teaching and research. It has been upholding the educational philosophy of "keep integrity, promote innovation, and lead the future" and adhering to the thought of "problem-oriented and demand-driven" in discipline construction.

Breakthroughs have been made in discipline construction, fundamental theories, advanced technologies, decision support and regional practice, with a dedication to the development of "new engineering".CESE has provided the country with valuable scientific and technological support to tackle major environmental problems and play a leading role in the implementation of international environmental conventions. In addition, CESE has seen fruitful achievements in talent training and scientific research, which contributes to it ever-improving academic reputation at home and abroad. The ESI of ecology/environment discipline of Peking University ranks the top 0.3‰ in the world, and its QS world ranking reached the No. 16th in 2022. CESE has won many renowned scientific and technological awards, such as the National Natural Science Award, the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the National Technological Invention Award, the Ministry of Education Award, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Award, and the Beijing Municipal Government Award, and international awards from WMO, UNEP, AGU and EGU. 

Home to two national and eight provincial research platforms, CESE has a faculty known for their high moral standards, whole-system expertise structure, outstanding professional capability, pioneering innovation and team spirit. Among CESE faculty are two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two academicians of the Chinese Academic of Engineering, 12 person-time members of various national talent programs, and 22 person-time members of national youth talent programs.  Besides, the CESE team is elected one of the first Huang Danian-style University Teaching Teams in China as a recognition of its dedication to and achievements in talent cultivation. CESE faculty members play important roles in over 160 posts in academic institutions, including the Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, State Scientific and Technological Commission, Discipline Evaluation Group of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the expert group of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and the China Association for Science and Technology Eco-Environmental Consortium. Moreover, a number of CESE scholars have been appointed and elected as leaders of the Preparation and Implementation Group of the National Major Atmospheric Research Plan, organizers of Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for SustainabilityFuture Earth (MAIRS-FE), the counselor of the State Council, the co-chairman of the International Science Team of Environmental Convention, AGU directors, and most highly cited researchers in the world.