International Exchange programs
Education and research collaboration projects among National University of Singapore, Peking University and Oxford University (SPO)
published date:2013-11-30

        In order to provide the students with global vision on sustainable development and environmental protection, the PKUCESE has lunched collaborations with world top universities in creating an open platform for international exchanges. In 2005, Prof. NI, Jinren initiated the international collaboration between Peking University, National University of Singapore and Oxford University (SPO). In June 2010, the three universities signed an agreement to establish a “Water and Environmental Technology” platform and started collaboration on education, research, technology development and application. Total investment on the SPO Education and Research Collaboration Project is about 300 million RMB. The students can be funded by SPO dual degree program for three years. In the first two years, the students will study at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate Institute and the third year at the National University of Singapore. The students will receive a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Peking University and a Master of Science degree from National University of Singapore if he/she meets the requirements from both universities. Each student is trained separately by professors from both Peking University and the National University of Singapore and will be involved in the joint research projects of both universities. The project was officially launched in September 2011 and it has enrolled 60 students up to 2013.