International Exchange programs
Student Exchange and International Studies
published date:2013-11-30

Since 2008, the CESE has recruited 10 foreign undergraduate students from Korea, Japan, Canada and Panama and 5 Ph.D. and master students from Korea, Japan, Benin, Bolivia, and Pakistan. Six students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are studying or studied in the college.

Currently, two courses for undergraduate students are taught in English. One course is the Our Changing Planet given by Prof. ZHENG, Mei in Department of Environmental Science. Another is Environmental Economics by Prof. ZHANG, Shiqiu in Department of Environmental Management.

Between 2011 and 2013, five undergraduate students from PKUCESE took part in the student exchange program and had the courses at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Under the support of the “Pilot Project on the Training of Excellent Students in Basic Disciplines” by the Ministry of Education, 18 undergraduate students had a short-term international exchange. These programs include “Summer student exchange Program of 2013 Beijing-Copenhagen Urban Challenge Green Reform Plan”, “Visiting and Learning in City University of Hong Kong”, “2012 World Class Visiting”, “Music Plan from the Silk Road to Scotland”. These activities broaden the international perspective of the students.

According to the Funding Regulations of Postgraduate Academic Exchange in Peking University, each year the CESE will obtain about 100,000 RMB from the university to cover the traveling expenses of graduate students attending international conferences. During the recent 5 years, there were 18 students each year funded to present their work at the international conferences. In addition, the PKUCESE faculties have the good tradition to encourage the students to participate in international exchange activities. On average, 30 students every year will take part in the international course, summer visit and exchange programs and attending academic conferences.