Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Curriculum
published date:2022-12-01

PKU’s philosophy of education is to lay solid foundation on the fundamentals, blur the boundary between majors, and help individual students meet their fullest potential. Taking advantage of the university’s rich resources in humanity and social science and natural science, the college has developed systematic approaches to instilling knowledge and cultivating capacities in environmental science, engineering and management.

In the curriculum, undergraduate students are required to gain a solid foundation in both mathematics and chemistry, and to master basic knowledge and theory of physics, biology and others.

 Courses for Undergraduate Students

Fundamental courses

Advanced Mathematics (B), General Chemistry (A), General Physics, Linear Algebra (B), Probability Theory and Statistics (B),The direction of environmental big data requires the study of Advanced Mathematics (A), Programming Practice、Linear Algebra (A), Probability Theory and Statistics (A).

Professional core courses

Environmental Problem, Safety in Environmental Laboratory, Special Topics in Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring Experiments, Environmental Management, Environmental Research Methods, Senior Capstone Seminar on Environmental Decision Making, Engineering Drawing, Water Treatment Engineering.

The total credits for graduation is 147, specific requirements are as followsMinor modification for different major.

Credits requirements

General fundamental courses42-48 credits

General compulsory courses30-36credits

General education courses12credits

Professional compulsory courses57credits

Professional fundamental courses25credits

Professional core courses29credits

Graduation thesisproject):3credits

Elective courses48-42 credits

Professional elective courses22credits

Independent elective courses26-20credits