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Prof. Yangsheng Liu featured by China Xinhua News Network: rational view of waste incineration
published date:2014-01-21

Waste incineration topic in China seems to be caught in an awkward position. On one hand, according to the national 12th "five" plan, out of the national capability of treating domestic garbage with green technology the waste incineration is expected to account for at least 35%; On the other hand, majority of civilians living around the waste incineration site hold strong objections.  


So, how much can the waste incineration actually affect the surrounding environment and its people? In addition to the burning, are there any other sound alternatives available? To tackle this dilemma, what roles can government, industry as well as the public play?


For these issues, Prof. Yangsheng Liu was interviewed by the column of Environment : Face to Face from China Xinhua News Network. The interview has been televised to more than 100 countries worldwide. Dr. Liu is a Professor in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, and his research team has been working on the waste treatment and recycling.


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