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Workshop on the Health Effects of Air Pollutants
published date:2013-07-11

9:00~12:00 A.M., April 1, 2013

Meeting Room 1#, Yingjie Exchange Center, Peking University

9:00-10:00         Aaron J Cohen and Majid Ezzati: The Global Burden of Disease due to Air Pollution and Other Risk Factors: Methods and Estimates from GBD 2010

10:00-10:15       Tong Zhu: Studies on the Environment and Health at Peking University

10:15-10:30       Xinbiao Guo: Traffic related air pollutants and cardiovascular disease

10:30-10:45        Xinhua Qiu: Exposure to Organic Pollutants in China

10:45-11:00       Maosheng Yao: Biological Aerosol Research at Peking University



11:00-12:00      Xian Chen: Revealing the Pathological Mechanisms Underlying Chronic Exposure to Environmental Toxicants–Unique Strengths of Systems Biology

Contact Information:

Xinghua Qiu:; 150-1134-5015.