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Student Life
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published date:2013-11-22

Employment Statistics

Over the past three years, 90 undergraduates have finished their study in PKUCESE. The student survey shows that there are 33 students going abroad to pursue master/doctoral degrees, 50 are pursuing master/doctoral degrees in China, 3 are employed in industries and 1 joining the military.

During the past five years, 298 master students have finished their study in PKUCESE, among which 10.7% continue pursuing doctoral degrees abroad; 5.4% continue pursuing doctoral degree in China; 17.8% are employed in state-owned enterprises; 19.5% in foreign companies and domestic private enterprises; 16.1% in government and public institutions; 18.8% in scientific research institutions and higher education institutions.

There are 80 Ph.D. students who have finished their study in PKUCESE in the past five years, among which 17.5% are conducting postdoctoral research abroad; 2.5% are conducting postdoctoral research in China; 5% are employed in the state-owned enterprises; 5% in foreign companies and domestic private enterprises; 18.8% in government and public institutions; 43.8% in research institutions and universities.

Career Advisory

The college has made great efforts to improve the graduates' employment competitiveness by enhancing the academic training, upgrading the research programs and personal professional designing of careers. The student employment office provides a wide array of services and programming for students. The programs, services, online resources, career assessment, and one-to-one counseling provide students with competitive advantages throughout their careers. The office also provides assistance for internships application. In addition, the information-sharing network was developed to broaden the student employment sources. The college provides students with access to a wide variety of employers to enable the graduates to pursue successful and fulfilling careers.