Faculty by Department
LIU Zhaorong
Associate Professor Department: Environmental Engineering Research interests: Environment and Health, Pollution in micro environment Tel/fax: 86-10-62758784 E-mail: zrliu@pku.edu.cn Websites: http://cese.pku.edu.cn/dispC.asp?id=96

1993, B. S. for Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

1996, M. S. for Organic Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

1999, Ph. D. for Environmental Sciences, Peking University

1999.7, Lecturer, Department of Technical Physics, Peking University

2001,6, Associate Professor, Peking University


He has hosted and participated in many theoretical and experimental teaching courses, including undergraduate general course Introduction to Environmental Science, undergraduate elective course Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Information Science, undergraduate professional course Analytical Chemistry, and now he is hosting Environmental Lab Safety, Environmental Integrated Fieldwork, Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry Experiment courses for students majoring in environmental sciences and engineering.


Environment and Health, Pollution in Micro-environment


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